Order a fun caricature drawn from a photo

Fun caricature photo gift ideas created by John are totally unique, personalized and  fun.

Just send one or more clear photos and describe ANY scene and your dream will become a reality when you order a fun caricature drawn from a photo.

Caricatures make perfect gifts for many gift occasions. Have a pet? John draws pets as well!

Every fun caricature is drawn to your directions! Custom drawn, one-of-a-kind? You betcha!!

John is the expert artist for your exclusive fun caricature from photo gift.

QUESTIONS? Use our contact form at the bottom of this page for a fast response!

super-heros Fun caricature from photo gift ideaorder fun caricature online

Fun caricature from photo – the perfect gift choice!

Skilled in the artistic techniques of drawing a caricature from photos combined with incorporating your ideas to create a fun gift, artist John creates life-like caricatures with a humorous slant that are a perfect gift for many occasions.

No matter if it is a child’s 18th or 21st birthday gift, a spouse or friend’s 40th 50th or 60th birthday, your wedding anniversary, save the date for a wedding, retirement gift, new baby and more, your idea will be turned from a unique gift idea into reality.

People LOVE their caricatures

People are overjoyed at receiving a fun caricature as a gift for many occasions including:

  • birthday,
  • retirement,
  • wedding gift or sign-in board
  • teams,
  • bucks gifts,
  • made to put on t-shirts for road-trips,
  • family holidays
  • any group activity.

It is because people like to see themselves just that bit differently.

Fun caricature from photo gift for a fishermanorder caricature online

The photos supplied are important as this is what is used to reference the person.

When drawing a caricature from photo, the subject that has an expression that is whacky or zany allows more flexibility in creating a fun artwork that is cherished by the recipient.

An expressionless photo is hard to work into an image that has fun and humor, though if the person is deadpan in life, then maybe a photo lacking big emotion is the right one! Also when drawing caricatures from photos, all John can go on is what he sees in the best photo.


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