Frequently ask questions

This should answer most questions abut ordering caricatures online:

I have more than eight people. How can I order?

Please contact me (form at right) and I will get back to you!

I want to order a caricature from photo. What sort of photo can I send?

Drawing a caricature from photo is different from getting a live caricature drawn in a mall or at a festival. With a live draw, you are sitting close to the artist. When drawing your caricature from your photos we need good clear closeup pictures just like if you are sitting opposite me.

Here is a sample of what would be a perfect photo. Good lighting, no heavy shadows and nice and close! Click to see full size. (new window will open):

sample photoA full body photo is useful as well so the body shape can be correct.

What if there are other people in the photo?

If possible please edit the image using the software that came with your digital camera, or other freely available software to crop extra people out. If not, then in your comments on the order page, please specify who is to be painted.

When ordering my caricature online, there is only scope for three images. I have more images.

With images, more is not always best. Your caricature will normally be drawn from the best face photo and referencing the body shot as well. If you have a large number of people, you can email images in reply to the caricature order receipt email that you will receive. I will liaise with you as required on receipt of your images.

After I order my fun caricature online how long will it take?

Normally work can start on your order within a day or two. This maybe longer at certain times of year due to demand. From order to email delivery of your fun caricature gift, normally takes about 6-10 days.

How detailed should my request be?

Please assume I am totally ignorant 🙂 If in doubt, detail it lots… Specify clothing, pose, and any other pertinent details. Even eye colour and hair color (especially hair for the ladies as they change so often and sometimes I get pictures with different hair colors and styles!) If you want double chins trimmed back, slimmer bodies, please specify this and I will do this for you.

Can changes be made to my caricature?
Yes changes to your draft sketch caricature can be made if based on the original photos, but extra charges will apply if you change your mind and send new photos. If the caricature is complex, I will generally send a draft first. If you have been detailed in your description, normally the art is right first time.

Can I get the original caricature in the mail?

While the core of the caricature artwork is hand painted, there are aspects of the finishing that are done digitally. This means that the ‘original art’ is in fact digital, so there is no physical product.

What size can I get?

The image can be sized to suit your needs. Just mention the dimensions when ordering and the caricature image will be sized perfectly!