Unique and fun Mother’s Day gift idea

As Mothers Day approaches each year, the children, be they young or old, are challenged with coming up with a gift idea that will hold meaning.

Florist shops push flowers as a Mother’s Day Gift, but they are dead in a few days, while how many kitchen items, soaps or other ‘personal’ style items does Mom need?

Another gift idea is maybe a photo of you and either your siblings or you and your spouse and your kids as a gift for Mom? But then there is the bother of arranging a time with the photographer, getting everyone together and dressed, plus the cost of not only the photographer but also the prints!

A great alternative Mother’s Day gift idea is to order a custom artwork – I can create a great lasting memory for your Mom for an affordable price.

celebrate Mothers and day!
celebrate Mother’s or any day!

John can draw:

  • Your Mom (and Dad if you wish)
  • You and your siblings (just supply the photos, he will put you all together) as a gift for Mom
  • You and your spouse (and your children as well if you wish) as a gift for Mom

John will paint everyone in whatever pose you wish and whatever setting you describe.

The unique and fun art is delivered to you digitally or by arrangement, I can arrange a canvas or framed print.

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