Fantasy art for birthday gift ideas

Fantasy art can range from something subtle, to something bizarre. There are those who like the art that drifts into the dark side, of ugly creatures and the sort. Me, I like to do the subtle fun fantasy art stuff.

Fun fantasy is like dressing up and pretending you are pirates, or cowboys and Indians, even elves and goblins. If you really want to you can even go the doctors and nurses path 😉

Or maybe Sindbad and his Arabian adventures.

Art like this is great fun to do and this fantasy art makes a great gift for a birthday, or Valentines, or Christmas or just because you want one!  They are a great idea because they can be used is a variety of ways. Your fantasy caricature art can be printed and framed for the wall, on a canvas or put it on a T-shirt, or a coffee mug. They also make great screen saves for phones and computers.  Fantasy is imagination and as an artist I’d like to help you turn that fantasy into a lasting memory!

So feel free to click through to the main site and had a look around and be inspired.